PDF Creation Software

Software is needed to convert documents into PDF file format.

Software available to create PDF documents  includes:

- Adobe Acrobat Standard     http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.html

- PrimoPDF     http://www.PrimoPDF.com

- Cute PDF Writer/Cute PDF Plus    http://www.acrosoftware.com/Products/CutePDF/

- pdfFactory/pdfFactory Pro    http://fineprint.com/pdfp/

Some software packages, such as WordPerfect and some file management and scanner management applications include PDF printer drivers.  Check your printer selections to see if you already have PDF creation software.

If you can get a document into electronic form on your computer, then it can be converted to PDF format by software that simulates printing -- but instead of paper output, sends the document to a PDF electronic file.  Most of this software requires that you select the PDF printer in the standard Print dialog box.

After selecting the PDF printer, a standard SAVE dialog box appears asking for the location to save the file: