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- Courtroom Technology Information
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Courtroom Technology Information

Courtroom Teleconference Video Conference Digital Audio Recording Interpreter System Listening Aid Video Presentation1 Evidence Presentation2
Rm 102        
Rm 103          
Rm 142  
Rm 221              
Rm 230      
Rm 246          
Rm 248            
Rm 420        
Rm 436      
Rm 477  

A ✔ indicates the type of technology equipment available in the listed courtroom.

NOTE: The court provides the following VGA (video) and Audio connections for evidence presentation:
  - Video connection: DE-15 male
  - Audio connection: 3.5 mm male stereo

Video Conferencing(VC) – Is only available in courtrooms 142 and 477. All video-conferencing needs must be approved by the judge and scheduled at least two weeks ahead of your court date.

Video Presentation1Allows a personal laptop to be connected to the courtroom video and sound system. Can be used for Power Point Presentations, showing videos and evidentiary documents throughout the courtroom monitors.

Evidence Presentation2 - Includes a DVD Player, VHS Player and a Document Camera which will broadcast to all of the courtroom monitors at counsel tables and the jury box.

Digital Audio Recording - Records court proceedings and hearings which can be copied to a CD. The recording equipment is generally used by all of the Magistrate Judges Courtrooms. See the Intake Office (Room 150) for availability and pricing of recorded hearings.

Portable Technology Equipment - There are a number of freestanding pieces of equipment which can be used in all of the courtrooms.

             1. Televisions and DVD Players 

             2. Projectors and projector screens

             3. Document Camera 

Wi-Fi Access - At this time there is no WiFi Internet access provided by the court for attorney use in the courtrooms other than courtroom 230, currently assigned to Judge Nuffer.

Important Information - Please contact the Judge’s chambers you are dealing with for availability of equipment. You are encouraged to set up an appointment ahead of your court date to test your electronic evidence in the courtroom you will be using. For specific technical questions, please contact Larry Gardner at (801) 524-6136.

Wireless Access in the Frank Moss Federal Courthouse

 The District of Utah provides free wireless access to the Internet in the Salt lake City Federal Courthouse. WiFi is available in the library. WiFi is not available in courtrooms.

Access is restricted to:
* Attorneys
* Non-attorneys if they have a proceeding at the Courthouse or an active case file
* Media - Request access in writing to the Clerk of Court

The WiFi network is password protected. The password and log-in information may be obtained at the Clerk's Office Intake Counter or in the Courthouse Library on the 2nd floor.

In order to connect to the wireless network, devices must have a WiFi-compatible network card installed (802.11a/b/g). The wireless card should detect the signal immediately. Because some wireless card software may require some additional procedures and/or setting changes, users should consult the device user's manual, or contact the hardware or software provider for additional assistance.

Revised 06/10/13