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District of Utah
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Courtroom Technology Information (351 S. West Temple)

Courtroom Teleconference Video Conference Digital Audio Recording Interpreter System Listening Aid Video Presentation1 Evidence Presentation2 Wifi Access Portable Smartboard (see note 3)
Rm 3.100 (✔)
Rm 3.400 (✔)
Rm 7.100 (✔)
Rm 7.200 (✔)
Rm 7.300 (✔)
Rm 7.400 (✔)
Rm 8.100 (✔)
Rm 8.200 (✔)
Rm 8.300 (✔)
Rm 8.400 (✔)

A ✔ indicates the type of courtroom technology equipment available in the listed courtroom.

Video Conferencing (VC) – AllĀ  video-conferencingĀ  will needs prior approvalĀ  by the Judge and scheduled at least two weeks ahead of your court date.

Video Presentation1Allows a personal laptop to be connected to the courtroom video and sound system. Can be used for Power Point Presentations, showing video and evidentiary documents throughout the courtroom monitors.

Evidence Presentation2 - Includes a DVD Player and a Document Camera which will broadcast to all of the courtroom monitors at counsel tables and the jury box. (User Guide)

Digital Audio Recording - Records court proceedings and hearings which can be copied to a CD. The recording equipment is generally used by all of the Magistrate Judges Courtrooms. See the Intake Office (Room 1.100) for availability and pricing.

Wi-Fi Access - WiFi Internet access provided by the court for use in the courtrooms. Login and password information is available in the Library (5th floor) and the Clerk's Office (1st floor).

Portable Smartboard 3 - The court has a Sharp Acquos PN-L702B-PKG2A portable smartboard (with mounted PC) that can be scheduled for any courtroom by calling the Case Manager. It may be used in smart board mode as an input device for the system or in display mode as an additional large portable monitor.

Please contact the Judges's chambers you are dealing with for availability of equipment. You are encouraged to set up an appointment ahead of your court date to test your electronic evidence in the courtroom you will be using.  Contact Ryan Robertson by email or at (801) 524-6617 to schedule a courtroom technology orientation or for questions concerning equipment. .