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As a party of its ongoing effort to apply technology to the courtroom, the District of Utah has installed a Digital Evidence Presentation System (DEPS) in its 4th floor courtroom. The system is designed to permit counsel to present evidence to the court and to the jury through the use of electronic presentation tools that improve both the quality and the efficiency of how evidence is introduced. The courtroom is equipped with a presentation communicator, illustrator, and visual image printer in addition to flat screens and monitors.

The DEPS can be used to easily display virtually any type of courtroom evidence: documents, 3-D objects, photographs, x-rays, negatives, transparencies, etc. The illustrator allows an attorney or witness to annotate evidence that is displayed on monitors for the jury, at the bench, at counsel tables, at the witness box and at the courtroom clerk's desk. For example, using the illustrator, a witness can underline on the screen a word or sentence in a document, draw attention to a particular detail in a photograph by circling it, or pinpoint an important but small aberration in something displayed via x-ray. The court's DEPS also has a high-quality VCR attached to it that allows videotapes to be played in real-time or frame-by-frame mode.

Computer inputs are configured into each counsel table and the lectern so attorneys who have electronic evidence on CD or laptops can plug their equipment into the DEPS for presentation. These outputs allow for computer generated images to be displayed on the monitors throughout the courtroom. If counsel wish to preserve for the record a copy of anything show on the courtroom monitors, the visual image printer can print a 3x5 photo of it.

The fourth floor courtroom currently is assigned jointly to Senior Judges Bruce S. Jenkins and J. Thomas Greene and is in use on a daily basis. If your case is assigned to one of the other judges but you wish to use the electronic courtroom for a bench or jury trial, please notify your judge's courtroom deputy/case manager. The case manager then will coordinate with the courtroom deputies/case managers for Senior Judges Jenkins and Greene to determine whether a time can be scheduled. The more advance notice the court has, the more likely it is that a schedule for use of the fourth floor courtroom can be arranged, so please initiate your inquiry with as much lead time as possible.

The court has prepared an Electronic Courtroom User Information and Instructions manual for members of the bar. The manual is accessible by clicking the icon below and can be downloaded and printed out for users interested in a hard copy.

Electronic Courtroom User Information and Instructions
WordPerfect8 version
PDF Version

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