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How am I selected for jury duty?
Your name is pulled by computer from the voter registration list for your county according to guidelines that assure a random selection from a wide cross-section of the community. You then are mailed a qualification and summons form and asked to complete and mail it back to the court. After the court determines that you are qualified to serve, you are summoned for a three month on-call term during which you may be called to serve. After the completion of your term, you are not likely to be selected again from the voter registration list in future years. If you are called again within two years of your service but do not wish to serve, you may be excused on request.

What should I wear for jury duty?
Please dress appropriately for court. Casual attire is acceptable. The temperature can be quite cool in the courtroom, so dress accordingly.

What happens if I don't report for jury duty?
Any juror who fails to report for jury duty and who is not excused by the court may be served with a show cause order by the U.S. Marshal. Subsequently, those jurors will be required to appear in court to show cause why they should not be held in contempt of the Jury Selection Act. Contempt penalties range from a fine of $1000 to three days imprisonment, or both.

Will I serve on civil or criminal trials?
This court tries both civil and criminal cases, and it is possible that you may be selected for service in either type of trial.

May I be late?
No. It is extremely important that you be prompt both in the morning and when returning from lunch. It is particularly important when serving on a trial since the entire proceeding can be delayed because of the tardiness of one juror.

What if my employer wants proof that I was serving on jury duty?
The jury administrator will provide you with an attendance certificate showing the dates and times you served if you request it. Your employer may require that you submit such a certificate. You also are entitled to a certificate for your personal records if you so wish.

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