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District of Utah
Honorable David Nuffer, Chief Judge   |   D. Mark Jones, Clerk


An attendance fee of $40 per day is paid for each day you report for jury duty, unless you are a federal employee. You will also be reimbursed for your round trip mileage at the current government rate.

If you live over 80 miles one way, from the Courthouse you may want to arrive in Salt Lake City a day before you are scheduled to report. Your meal and hotel costs will be reimbursed at the current daily government rate, plus the $40 jury duty allowance. You must submit a receipt from your hotel in order to be reimbursed for your lodging costs; if you stay with a friend or relative, your daily reimbursement will be to cover your meals and incidentals only.

Jury compensation checks will be mailed to you within twenty days of your appearance date. The daily attendance fee of $40 is taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service, and should be reported on your tax return next year (in most instances a form 1099 will not be provided).

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