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Amendments Effective Date
dot Amendments to the Local Rules
DUCiv R 3-2
DUCiv R 3-4
DUCiv R 10-1
DUCiv R 42-1
DUCiv R 47-1
DUCiv R 48-1
DUciv R 77-1
DUCiv R 83-7.9

DUCrim R 17-2

DUCiv R 7-4

Actions to Proceed Without Prepayment of Fees
Civil Cover Sheet
General Format of Papers
Consolidattion of Civil Cases
Impanelment and Selection of Jurors
Number of Jurors; Impaneling and Selection of Jurors
Office of Record; Court Libarary; Hours and Days of Business
Bankruptcy - Appeals to the District Court from the Bankruptcy Court under 28 U.S.C. 158

Motions for Subpoenas of Documents and Objects

New rule to be enacted:
Filings in all Actions Seeking Judicial Review of a Decision From an Administrative Agency
December 1, 2015