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Amendments Effective Date
dot Amendments to the Local Rules
DUCiv R 5-1
DUCiv R 37-1
DUCiv R 45-1
DUCiv R 51-1
DUCiv R 83-7.9
DUCrim R 12-1

DUCrim R 17-2

Filing of Papers
Discovery: Motions and Disputes; Referral to Magistrate Judge
Prior Notice of Subpoena for Nonparty
Instructions to the Jury
Bankruptcy - Appeals to the District Court from the Bankruptcy Court Under 28 U.S.C. 158
Pretrial Motions: Timing, Form, Hearings, Motions to Suppress.
Certification, and Orders; Motions under the Speedy Trial Act

New rule to be enacted:
Motions for Subpoenas of Documents and Objects
December 1, 2014