The District of Utah provides electronic access to case information on all civil cases filed with the Court since July 1989 and all criminal cases filed with the court since November 1992. The only exceptions are cases that have been sealed by order of a judge and social security cases. This service is available to anyone who has access to a computer and the internet from virtually any location. This electronic access system permits users to search for a case by entering the case name or number. Users can review the case docket and any case document that is attached to a docket entry.

Users also can download and print out any accessible case docket and/or documents for a modest fee. That fee is equivalent to $.08 per page and cannot exceed $2.40 per docket or document. Thus, if a user downloads and prints a 45 page document, the cost is $2.40. Each registered user will receive a quarterly billing statement from the PACER Service Center.

Access to this electronic case information system is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Persons who wish to utilize this service must first register for it by contacting the PACER Service Center. You will need to complete the online form and provide a valid e-mail address. You may also fax or mail in a registration form to the PACER center.

For information about the PACER Service Center, click here or call this toll-free number (800) 676-6856. There is no cost to register for this service.

If you already are a registered user, click here to log on to the system.

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