Court Seal

District of Utah
Honorable David Nuffer, Chief Judge   |   D. Mark Jones, Clerk

Security in the Courthouse

All visitors to the United States District Courthouse in the District of Utah are required to have photo identification for entrance at the front door of the building. All visitors will be screened for security purposes. Briefcases, purses, packages, and similar items will be x-rayed. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the courthouse.

Permitted Electronic Devices

Anyone may bring cellular phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices with wireless communications capability into the courthouse and may use them outside the courtrooms.

Courtroom restrictions.  

Only attorneys and their staff may power on and use such devices in courtrooms, but only for court business.  All devices, including keyboards, must be silenced in the courtroom.  Other persons may bring these devices into the courtroom but they must be powered off.

Cameras and photography.  

Cameras and photography are prohibited in the courthouse except on ceremonial occasions designated by public notice of the clerk of court.