Practices & Procedures

Utah Alternative to Conviction Track

Standard Civil Trial Order (Word)
Standard Criminal Trial Order (Word)
Standard Bench Trial Order (Word)
Standard Civil Voir Dire (Word)
Standard Criminal Voir Dire (Word)
Stock Civil Instructions - Preliminary (Word)
Standard Civil Instructions - General (Word)
Stock Criminal Instructions - Preliminary (Word)
Standard Criminal Instructions - General (Word)

I. Contact Information:

A. Email:

B. Telephone:

C. Mail:

D. Courtroom:

II. Hearings:

A. Changing Hearing Dates:

B. Courtesy Copies:

III. Proposed Orders

IV. Short Form Discovery

V. Trial Procedures and Practices

A. Trial Order:

B. Voir Dire:

C. Jury Instructions:

D. Courtroom Equipment

D. Courtroom Practices

VI. Page Limitations

Page limitations for motions and memoranda are set forth in the Local Rules. In accordance with the Local Rules, the court will approve requests for overlength motions and memoranda only for good cause and a showing of exceptional circumstances. Any party seeking to file an overlength motion or memorandum must obtain leave of the court prior to filing the overlength motion or memorandum. As a matter of general practice, the court will strike any overlength motion or memorandum not previously authorized by the court.

Last Updated: 08/04/2015