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Pro Hac Vice Procedures

As of July 10, 2006, pro hac vice attorneys should e-file their motion and proposed order for pro hac vice admission through their designated local counsel, and have local counsel pay the required fee online through CMECF.

  1. Local counsel will receive from pro hac vice counsel:
    1. an application for pro hac vice admission
    2. the completed electronic registration form (if not already registered as an E-filer)
    3. a proposed order, in word processing format
    4. pro hac vice counsel's credit card number If paying by check, local counsel will be required to pay the fee at the clerk's office before e-filing the motion for pro hac vice with attachments a-c as shown above
  2. Local counsel will prepare a motion for pro hac vice admission:
    1. items a-c in step 1 will be attachments to the motion. For this purpose, the order should be converted to PDF format. Note that the order in word processing format is to be sent to the judge by e-mail.
  3. If local counsel have not yet appeared on the case, they will e-file a Notice of Appearance.
  4. Local counsel will then e-file the motion for pro hac vice admission along with the attachments shown in step 1, a-c and pay the fee.
  5. Local counsel will send the proposed order, in word processing format, via e-mail to the appropriate judge for review and signature. The e-mail should be copied to all counsel and include the case name and title in the subject line.
  6. Once the order is signed, it will be entered on the docket by the clerk's office and pro hac vice counsel will be added to the case.  An E-Filer login and password will be emailed, if counsel is not already a registered E-Filer.

Attorneys for the USA

Non-resident attorneys authorized by 28 U.S.C. § 517 to appear before this Court on behalf of the United States or its agencies must file a notice of appearance, which contains a statement acknowledging the attorney's obligation and agreement to abide by the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct and Civility as outlined in subsection (g) of this rule. 

First time filers in this District will email an Electronic Case Filing Registration Form to along with the Notice of Appearance.  An E-Filer login and password will be emailed to counsel so that the Notice of Appearance may be E-filed.