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Okay, how will the consents/requests for reassignment be handled so the judges won't know which party requested a reassignment? Will the judges really not know?


The consents will be handled separately from the CM/ECF case docket. You can email the form to a separate, private email box. ( ). You also could mail the form to the court in paper, directed to the Consent Clerk. A deputy clerk will docket the fact that a consent/request for reassignment has been received from the party and only that. No image will be attached. The consent will be placed in a secure paper file. The next consent/request will be again docketed but not imaged. After all the parties have responded, the clerk will review the forms and if everyone has consented, the consents will be imaged and docketed. If there are any requests for reassignment, the case will be reassigned without any images being docketed. The paper file will not be retained. It will not be the case that as soon as a request for reassignment has been received, the reassignment is done immediately so that anyone reading the docket would figure out which party didn't consent. For example, if the case has three defendants each with individual counsel, the court would be looking for four entries that consent/ request for reassignment had been filed. First to file is the plaintiff who consents on day 30 after filing. Second, defendant A requests reassignment on day 34. Defendant B files a consent on day 37 and Defendant C files a consent on day 45. The clerk will review the forms on day 46 and reassign the case. Any other scenario is possible with consents/requests for reassignment but the judges will only know that forms were returned and at least one party did not consent.

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