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Magistrate Judge Evelyn J. Furse

Contact Information, Practices & Procedures

Contact Information:   

E-mail:  Our goal is same-day response. Please include case name and number in the email subject line, and show a copy sent simultaneously to all counsel.  Find lawyers' e-mail addresses at the Utah Bar or the Utah Federal Bar or use the 'Mailing Info For a Case' utility in CM/ECF.

Telephone:(801) 524-6180. 

We do our best to cover the phone from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. but may be in court.  All counsel should conference together before calling the court.  Our chambers phone system cannot conference.  Please do not call chambers unless all parties, or their counsel if represented, are on the phone.

Mailing Address: 351 S. West Temple, Room 10.200, Salt Lake City, UT  84101

Parties should not send copies of correspondence between counsel to the court.


Our regular courtroom is 7.400 on the north end of the 7th floor. Please check the daily court calendar to verify which courtroom we are using.

Courtesy Copies:

While the local court rule provides that all courtesy copies should be delivered through the clerk's office, there are frequently delays in delivery of such courtesy copies.  E-mail (to or direct delivery to chambers of a courtesy copy of any document filed in paper (including all sealed documents) is greatly appreciated and ensures that the we will receive the intended courtesy copy.  Chambers receives the Notice of Electronic filing for all unsealed documents and retrieves documents filed and served in that manner within 24-48 hours of filing.

If you have the capability, the chambers greatly appreciates receiving a hyperlinked brief in searchable PDF format as a courtesy copy rather than hard copies. Please hyperlink consistent with DUCivR 7-5. For information on how to hyperlink go to Judge Nuffer's Resource Materials.


We do not accept material via fax. Please email to

Standing Order on Amendments to Scheduling Orders:

Parties seeking amendments to scheduling orders MUST include BOTH the dates set forth in the original scheduling order and the proposed new dates. Filings should substantially conform to the format below:

5. OTHER DEADLINES                          Original Date             Amended Date

  a) Discovery to be completed by

  Fact Discovery                                        00/00/00                       00/00/00

  Expert Discovery                                    00/00/00                       00/00/00


For additional information on Civil Scheduling see Attorney Planning Meeting and Report.

Extensions of Time:

Civil Motions for extensions of time MUST include a showing of good cause consistent with Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Parties must file a motion and include a showing of good cause even if the parties have stipulated to the extension.

Civil Motions:

If a party desires expedited treatment of a motion, counsel should secure consent of opposing counsel to an expedited schedule or move for an expedited schedule, submitting a proposed order for expedited treatment.  Orders for Expedited Treatment of Motion Sample 1   Sample 2   

In CM/ECF, be sure to specify that the motion seeks to Expedite, as well as seeks the relief sought.  (Control-click to select all applicable types of relief.)


Please contact the Case Manager at (801) 524-6180 regarding emergency motions on discovery issues.  The Case Manager will often direct that all counsel join in a telephone conference at a specified time, and/or may direct the parties to provide an e-mail summary.

Motions Ready for Decision:

We make every effort to track motions and attend to them when the prescribed briefing periods have elapsed.  We may, however, not receive courtesy copies or we may simply err in tracking time periods, so please e-mail us (copying all parties and/or counsel) if you become concerned about a possible oversight.  If a party does not intend to file a response or reply memorandum, they should file a notice to that effect.  

Changing Hearing Dates:

If a hearing date will not work for the parties, they should stipulate and request by joint filing a new date or e-mail or call the Case Manager at (801) 524-6180 with all counsel on the phone. Parties should submit at least two (2) proposed dates for the Court's consideration.

Oral Argument on Motions:

The Court will determine whether to hear oral argument and notify the parties accordingly.  See DUCivR 7-1(f). The Court expects the attorney who wrote the brief under consideration to argue the Motion. 

Telephonic Appearance Procedures:

Parties wishing to appear by telephone must first seek leave of court.  If the court grants leave, contact chambers at or (801) 524-6180 for instructions.  Because the courtroom deputy is usually in court prior to the initiation of any particular call, last minute changes are discouraged.  If a last minute change is required, and you are unable to reach us by phone, contact the courtroom deputy by e-mail at


Hyperlinks in Filings:

The Court encourages parties to use hyperlinks in a manner consistent with the local rule.  See DUCivR 7-5. Permissible hyperlinks include those “to other portion[s] of the same document and material elsewhere in the record, such as exhibits or deposition testimony” and “to an internet resource containing legal authority from recognized electronic research services, such as Westlaw, Lexis/Nexis or Findlaw and governmental rules and regulations.”  DUCivR 7-5. For more information on hyperlinking visit Judge Nuffer's Resource Materials.

Proposed Orders:  

In addition to attaching a copy of the order to the motion, parties should e-mail chambers a copy of all proposed orders directly to the following address: Submit proposed orders in editable WordPerfect or Word format. For further information see Administrative Procedures II. G.

Signature Line   


Evelyn J. Furse
United States Magistrate Judge

Trial Information and Forms   

Proposed Voir Dire    Civil Stock Jury Instructions   Juror Questionaire   Deposition Designation Form
Creating the Best Transcript Possible

Professionalism and Civility

The Court expects parties to adhere to the Utah Standards of Professionalism and Civility.

Updated: 08/14/2018