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Judicial Feedback Survey for Judge David Nuffer 

Monday, January 24, 2022

United States District Court for the District of Utah
Judicial Feedback Survey for Judge David Nuffer 

Judge David Nuffer of the United States District Court for the District of Utah asked the Federal Judicial Center (FJC) to survey attorneys to obtain feedback about his judicial performance. The FJC is the research and education agency for the federal courts. The judge's decision to ask the FJC to conduct this survey is entirely voluntary and reflects Judge Nuffer's desire to improve his public service.

During the week of January 31st, the FJC will send an email to each attorney who has had a case assigned to Judge Nuffer since January 1st, 2016. This invitation email will explain how to access and complete an online questionnaire.

The questionnaire contains both closed-ended questions (e.g., rating scales) and open-ended questions.

The survey procedure is set up so responses are anonymous and thus the FJC will not have any identity information about respondents by default. But even if FJC staff learn the identity of some respondents (e.g., if an attorney contacts them with a question or technical problem), FJC staff will not provide anyone—including the judge—with the identity of the people who responded.

Research staff at the FJC will compile and analyze together the responses from all lawyers and will provide Judge Nuffer a report, including the comments that are received in response to the open-ended questions and statistical tables aggregating the results for the closed-ended questions. The results and associated report are exclusively for Judge Nuffer's use in improving his performance; the FJC will not provide the results or survey report to anyone other than Judge Nuffer.

If you do not receive a survey invitation email from the FJC and want to participate, please contact Jessica Snowden of the FJC at 202-365-3799 or at

If you have questions about the survey or encounter any technical difficulties, please also contact Jessica Snowden.