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United States District Court for the District of Utah COVID-19 Information Center

United States District Court for the District of Utah COVID-19 Information Center


  • Unless you are fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth, sanitize your hands upon entering, and stay at least 6' away from others. General Order 21-008.


  • On July 22, 2021, under General Order 21-009, the court announced that it would remain in phase 2 through August 31, 2021.
  • On April 1, 2021 under General Order 21-003, the court transitioned to Phase 2 operations consistent with the procedures outlined in General Order 20-017. Please consult the court's Resumption of Court Operations webpage for more information.
  • In Phase 2, members of the public and of the bar are encouraged to come to the courthouse only as necessary for official court-related activities, including filing documents that cannot be submitted electronically. General Order 21-003.
  • Contact information for some building agencies can be located on the court’s website.
  • Roula's Cafe remains open and delivery is available.
  • The Southern Region St. George Courthouse is located in space leased within the Utah State Fifth Judicial District Courthouse. That facility and its operations are controlled by the State of Utah


  • Civil jury trials may be held on dates on which no criminal cases are available for trial. General Order 21-009.
  • Assigned judges retain discretion to proceed with in-person civil hearings and bench trials as necessary and appropriate in individual cases. General Order 21-009.
  • Emergency matters, in the distrection of the assigned judge, will proceed either in-person or using video or telephone conferences. General Order 21-009.
  • Civil hearings, unless otherwise continued at the assigned judge's discretion, will be conducted in-person or by telephone, video conference, or other means. General Order 21-003.


  • In-person criminal jury trials resumed on April 29, 2021. General Order 21-003.
  • Even with the resumption of in-person jury trials, the court continues to have a reduced ability to obtain an adequate spectrum of jurors, together with the various local public health restrictions, so all continuances implemented by General Order 21-009 are excluded under the Speedy Trial Act through August 31, 2021.
  • Grand jury proceedings have resumed without restrictions. The United States Attorney's Office is directed to continue coordinating those proceedings with Chief Magistrate Judge, Judge Dustin B. Pead. General Order 21-009.
  • Between July 31, 2021, and August 31, 2021, search warrants, other applications, and new criminal complaints should be submitted via email to the chambers email box of the duty magistrate judge. General Order 21-009.
  • Title III applications should be submitted via email to Chief Judge Shelby's courtroom deputy, Mary Jane McNamee. General Order 21-007.
  • The attorney-client privilege is presumptively preserved for defense counsel and in-custody defendants when using electronic communication technology provided by local detention facilities. General Order 21-009.
  • "Critical" criminal hearings, consistent with Phase 2, may, in the discretion of the assigned judge, proceed in-person or remotely, consistent with the provisions of the CARES and the court's General Orders, by audio or video with the consent of the defendant. General Order 21-009.
  • Other various "non-critical" criminal hearings may proceed during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in-person or using video and telephone conferences, under certain circumstances and with the defendant's consent. General Orders 20-021, 20-026, 20-029, 20-030, 21-001, 21-003, 21-007, 21-009.
  • Specialty court hearings and activities are suspended through July 31, 2021. At the discretion of the assigned judge, these courts may be conducted remotely in a manner that does not require in-person participation or otherwise jeopardize the health and safety of the participants and staff. General Order 21-003.
  • Central Violations Bureau calendars set between July 31, 2021, and August 31, 2021, will not be held in person, absent approval from Chief Judge Shelby. These calendars may proceed electronically at the discretion of the assigned judge. General Order 21-009.
  • Implementation of the "Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act" (CARES Act) provisions. General Orders 20-011, 20-026, 20-028, 20-029, 20-030, 21-001, 21-004, 21-006, 21-009.


  • With in-person criminal jury trials resuming in Phase 2, the Chief Judge has provided to the jury administrator a list of trials to be scheduled in order of priority. For additional details, please review the court’s Petit Jury Trial Plan.
  • To efficiently schedule trials, the jury office staff will obtain from the courtroom deputy (of the judge whose trial is next on the priority list) details about the length of trial, number of defendants and need for interpreters, number of prospective jurors needed, and anticipated complexity of the trial. Petit Jury Trial Plan.
  • To allow enough time for staggered courthouse entry and breaks, most jury trials will start no earlier than 9:00 a.m. and will continue until at least 4:00 p.m.
  • Personal Protective Equipment must be worn during jury trials, unless the presiding judge dertermines otherwise. General Order 21-008.
  • Detailed information about the jury selection process, steps that the court has taken to minimize risk of exposure, and courtroom layouts for Salt Lake City and St. George are contained in the Petit Jury Trial Plan.
  • Courtroom photographs.
  • Sample Juror Questionnaires are located on the court's Virtual Proceedings webpage.


  • Unless sealed, hearings remain open to the public.
  • To obtain electronic access to a hearing, please check the case docket in PACER, the court's daily calendar, or contact the chambers of the judge conducting the hearing.
  • Persons granted electronic access to hearings are reminded of the general prohibition against photographing, recording, and rebroadcasting of court proceedings.
  • Violation of these prohibitions may result in sanctions, including removal of court-issued media credentials, restricted access to future hearings, denial of access to future hearings, or any other sanction the court deems necessary and appropriate.


  • All public and bar-related functions scheduled to take place at the Salt Lake City Courthouse are canceled through August 31, 2021, unless approved by the Chief Judge. General Order 21-009. This includes meetings of the American Inns of Court, continuing education events, school tours, informational meetings, social functions, and Immigration and Naturalization ceremonies. Questions concerning rescheduling these events should be directed to the Clerk’s Office by calling 801-524-6100. 


  • The Clerk's Office remains open but is operating with a reduced staff.
  • Specific information about business hours is available on the court’s website.  
  • The United States Probation and Pretrial Services Office is open.