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Attorney Annual Registration

Pursuant to DUCivR 83-1.2, attorneys who are members of the Bar of this Court must register annually with the Court to retain their active status. Only attorneys who are active and in good standing with the Bar of this Court may practice in the U.S. District and Bankruptcy Courts. The fee is $30/year. A late fee of $15 is assessed for late payments, which would result in a total fee of $45.

The Clerk of Court sends notice of the registration fee and the registration to all active attorneys at the end of May of each year.

  • Attorneys registered for e-filing receive their forms by email.
  • All other attorneys will receive their form by US mail.

The completed form and annual fee are due by July 1 of each year. To ensure receipt of the registration form, counsel must keep their address and e-mail address current with the court. To notify the Court of an address or e-mail address change, attorneys should login to PACER at  Only use this form if you do not have a PACER Efiling login with this court - Notice of Change of Address form.

To register with the Court, attorneys must complete the annual attorney registration form and submit the form, along with the required registration fee to the address listed on the form. Consolidation of payments by groups of attorneys, such as members of the same firm, are welcome, but an individual form with an original signature must be submitted by mail or in person by each attorney who wishes to remain in Active status.

Attorneys with logins to the Electronic Case Filing system may optionally pay their dues online.  To do this, go to, log in with your E-Filing login, click on Civil, and select Attorney Annual Dues.  From that point follow the prompts to the final screen.

Check membership status - 
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Attorneys who elect Inactive status for any year may subsequently reactivate their membership in the future year by submitting an attorney registration form along with the $30 registration fee; they do not have to be readmitted. If an attorney is currently on Active status and fails to submit a registration form and/or pay the registration fee, the attorney will be 'fee suspended' by the Court and will not be allowed to practice before the Court until the suspension is lifted by paying the current annual dues with the late fee.

Updated 03/03/2020