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Media Account Information

Members of the media can monitor case activity in unsealed civil and criminal cases by signing up to receive email notifications of electronic filings (NEFs) in designated cases. Each NEF includes a hyperlink to the unsealed, electronically filed document in the case. Please review How to Request a CM/ECF Media Account for instructions on how to register for a CM/ECF account. A media account user who registers for this service can add or remove specific unsealed civil and criminal cases to their account at any time. Please review the Guide to Using CM/ECF Media Accounts for instructions on how to receive NEFs.

To view electronically filed documents, the media account user must first obtain a PACER account. Information about PACER is available at or by calling the PACER Service Center at 800-676-6856. After receiving a login ID and password from PACER, those requesting access to the CM/ECF filing system for the District of Utah must complete a CM/ECF Media Account Application and email it to A copy of the applicant’s press credentials must be provided with the application or the application will not be processed.

A media account user is responsible to update email addresses in PACER when they change. If a NEF is returned undeliverable, the email address will be removed from account. A media account user may update an email address at any time to reactivate the account. For more information on how to update contact information in PACER, please review these instructions.

The use of electronic devices is prohibited in any federal courthouse or courtroom of the District of Utah, except as otherwise authorized by local rule, court order, or the Electronic Device Use Policy.  A credentialed member of the media may apply to use an electronic device inside the courthouse or courtroom by completing the Electronic Device Use Application. Please review the list of acceptable uses of electronic devices for each judge before sending in an application.

After reviewing the Guide, please direct questions to or 801-524-6100.

CM/ECF Media Account Application (updated 07/2022)
Courtroom Uses of Electronic Devices (Listed by Judge) (updated 08/2022)
Electronic Device Use Policy - Orrin G. Hatch Courthouse
Electronic Device Use Application (updated 07/2022)
Guide to Using CM/ECF Media Accounts (updated 08/2022)
How to Request a CM/ECF Media Account (updated 07/2022)

Updated 08/2022