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Attorney Discipline

All attorneys practicing before this Court must comply with the rules of practice adopted by this Court and the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct, as revised and interpreted by this Court. The attorney disciplinary process is set forth in DUCivR 83-1.7.

Conduct Subject to Disciplinary Proceedings

Under DUCivR 83-1.7, an attorney may be subject to disciplinary proceedings by this Court if the attorney has been:

  1. Or is being disciplined by another jurisdiction;
  2. Convicted of a serious crime;
  3. Charged with misconduct by a complainant; or
  4. Otherwise charged with violation of any applicable ethical or professional standards of conduct.

In addition, if an attorney admitted to practice before this Court is convicted of a serious crime or subject to attorney discipline in another jurisdiction, the attorney must promptly notify the Clerk of Court in writing of the conviction and/or discipline.

Attorney Misconduct Complaint

Any person seeking to file a misconduct complaint against an attorney practicing before this Court should complete an Attorney Misconduct Complaint form as required by DUCivR 83-1.7. All complaints should be submitted to:

Attorney Misconduct 
U.S. District Court 
United States Courthouse 
351 S West Temple, Room 1.100 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101