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Jury Home and Welcome

Welcome to Jury Service for the District of Utah!

It's Your Duty and Honor – Message from the Jury Administrator

On behalf of the United States District Court, for the District of Utah, I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to you as you begin your jury service. Jury service is an obligation of every citizen. The right to trial by a jury of our peers is guaranteed to each of us by the United States Constitution.  
We know that jury service poses a burden in your already busy lives. We appreciate the efforts that you, your family, and if applicable, your employer will give in order for you to be on call for jury service. We understand that managing other life priorities is important, but your service is essential to our system of justice. Please let us know how we can assist you in making your service a positive experience.

We want you to enjoy your experience as a juror. When you complete this service, I hope that you will leave with a greater understanding of the Court's functions. The right to a jury of one's peers is a precious right and all who serve play a very important role. I am frequently told by jurors that jury service was a very rewarding and educational experience and they would be honored to serve again if given the opportunity.

Important Notice to Jurors Regarding Use of Technology to Conduct Research

You must not at any time perform any independent research about the case for which you may serve as a juror. This means that you must not research the internet, websites, or blogs, or use any electronic devices to obtain information about any cases that are proceeding to trial during the time of your jury summons. Please refrain, before and during your jury service, from conducting any research or seeking out any information about cases for which you have been summonsed to serve as a juror.

Please click eJUROR image below to complete your jury paperwork online using eJuror.


If you are contacted by a person claiming to be from a jury office or court requesting that you pay a fine because you missed jury duty, please DO NOT give that person any personal information or money.

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