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CMECF Downtime and Unavailability Log

CMECF (Electronic Case Filing) and/or PACER may be unavailable from time to time due to various reasons. It the filer is experiencing technical problems on their end, they should contact their Internet provider and/or their technical support. If the problem is on the Court's end, and the system is unavailable, the Court will maintain a log of these unscheduled downtimes. Please refer to the Administrative Procedures for E-filing in the District of Utah III.B. for more information on how handle filings during those periods.


Date / Time Systems affected Explanation/Cause
5/20/16 (Friday) 5 pm until 5/21/2016 (Saturday) - 10 am CMECF and PACER Planned and scheduled maintenance and updates to ECF servers
4/4/2014 (Friday) 2:20 pm until 4/5/2014 (Saturday) - 9 pm CMECF and PACER Issues with relocation to new building
1/24/2014 (Friday) 2 pm - 5 pm approximately CMECF/PACER and domain generally CMECF and PACER systems nationally were affected. There was little or no access to all websites (including District of Utah) Possible distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by hackers, and/or other network configuration issues at the national level
1/16/2014 - 9 am - 11 am approx. CMECF/PACER and domain CMECF and PACER systems in most Federal Circuits were affected There was little or poor access to many websites (including District of Utah)