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How do I obtain a copy of a transcript?


Each district court adopts a schedule of transcript fees for its reporters and transcribers, subject to maximum rates established by the Judicial Conference. The conference has established four transcript categories based on delivery times and has set a maximum rate for each. Fees range from $3.00-$6.00 per page. Costs for additional copies range from $.50-$1.00 per page.
To order a transcript for a matter held before a District Judge. In general, contact theĀ Judge's Court Reporter. Keep in mind that court reporters cover other court reporters. Consult the minute entry for the name of the court reporter. Have the following information available when ordering transcripts:

  • Case Number, Name of the Judge, Date of Hearing

To order a transcript for a matter held before a Magistrate Judge, contact theĀ magistrate courtroom deputy. The information you will need is on the minute entry. Be ready to give the:

  • Case Number, Date of Hearing, Time Start and Stop and Room Number.

The courtroom deputy will transmit the audio recording to one of the court's official court reporters to make a transcript. You will be contacted by the court reporter to make arrangements for payment and to be notified when the transcript is complete.

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