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If I change my mailing address or e-mail address, do I need to notify the Court?


Yes. All members of the Court's Bar, whether active or inactive, and all pro hac vice attorneys must notify the Court within 24 hours if their address changes.
You should also inform the Court if one of your secondary CM/ECF email addresses needs to be changed.

Notifying the Utah State Bar of your address change will not notify this Court of your new address.

All changes of firm/address or primary email address are made through PACER.

  • Go to and login in.  Click Manage My Account at the top of the screen.
  • Click the Maintenance tab; click Update Personal Information or Update Address Information
  • Under "Apply update to," choose All Cases.

To add or update a secondary email address:

  • Login to CM/ECF; click on Utilities
  • Click on Maintain Your Email Address
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