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Fee Schedule Change - December 1, 2020

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1941(b), the Judicial Conference of the United States has approved the following fee increases, effective December 1, 2020.

Attorney Admissions Old Amount New Amount
For original admission of attorneys to practice in the District of Utah, including a certificate of admission. $181.00 $188.00
Duplicate Admission Certificate $19.00 $20.00
Certiicate of Good Standing $19.00 $20.00
Filing Fees Old Amount New Amount
Civil Action (including Removals) $400.00 $402.00
Appeal from Magistrate Judge for Misdemeanor/Petty Offense Cases $38.00 $39.00
Miscellaneous Case $47.00 $49.00
Cuban Liberation Civil Filing Fee $6,548 $6,800
Miscellaneous Fees Old Amount New Amount
Exemplification $22.00 $23.00
Search Fees $31.00 $32.00
For reproduction of an audio recording of a court proceeding $31.00 $32.00
For reproducing record in any appeal in which the court of appeals does not require an appendix $86.00 $89.00