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Foreign Language Documents

The following forms are available in PDF and/or Word. Some of the PDF forms can be easily filled out and printed, look for the pencil. For the PDF format you will need an Adobe Acrobat to view, fill out or print these forms. A free Acrobat reader and instructions are available from Adobe by going to"".




Appearance Bond (AO98 / UTSP108)   WORD
Appearance and Conditions Bond (AO98A / UTSP109)   WORD
Commitment to Another District (Spanish Only) (AO94 / UTSP106) PDF  
Consent to Proceed Before US Magistrate Judge in a Misdemeanor Case (AO86A / UTSP104)   WORD
Financial Affidavit (Spanish/English) (CJA23 / UTSP107) 02/08/2010 NOTE: Attach English version for the judge PDF  
Order of Probation Under 18 U.S.C. 3607 (AO246 / UTSP110)   WORD
Order Setting Conditions of Release (AO199A / UTSP105)   WORD
Pre-Plea Agreement (AO246 / UTSP112)   WORD
Pretrial Diversion Agreement (PS4 / UTSP103)   WORD
Waiver of Indictment (AO455 / UTSP102)   WORD
Waiver of Rule 5 and 5.1 Hearings (AO466A / UTSP101)   WORD