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Judge Dale A. Kimball

Practices & Procedures

I. Chambers Contact Information

Main Chambers:  801-524-6610
Susie Hindley, Law Clerk for Odd Numbered Cases, 801-524-6612
Sammie Tidwell, Law Clerk for Even Numbered Cases, 801-524-6611

II. Proposed Orders

In addition to attaching a copy of the order to the motion, a copy of all proposed orders must be directly e-mailed to chambers at the following address: Proposed orders e-mailed to chambers must be editable and submitted in Word format.

For further information, see the ECF Procedures Manual.

III. Jury Instructions

Judge Kimball has stock jury instructions
Criminal Stock Jury Instructions  (docx)
Civil Stock Jury instructions (word)

IV. Civil Trial Order

Judge Kimball's Civil Trial Order (docx)

V. Criminal Trial Order

Judge Kimball's Criminal Trial Order (docx)

VI. Emergency Motion Procedures Order

Emergency Motion Procedures Order (pdf)

VII. Courtesy Copies

At the time of filing, parties are required to provide one courtesy hard copy of dispositive motions and related exhibits and memoranda. If the exhibits exceed 20 pages, they should be tabbed, indexed, and placed in a three-ring binder.

VIII. Motions for Leave to File Excess Pages

Parties are not required to wait for a ruling on a motion for leave to file excess pages before filing the overlength document. Parties may simultaneously file the motion and the overlength document.


Updated 11/17/2022