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LinkBuilder allows attorneys to create hyperlinks easily and efficiently in documents they prepare for filing in CM/ECF!  LinkBuilder is a free add-in for Microsoft Word that automates the creation of document hyperlinks to previous filings in the federal court's CM/ECF system.

  • LinkBuilder will search a Microsoft Word document for citations to CM/ECF filings and insert a hyperlink to the corresponding document in the CM/ECF system.
  • LinkBuilder can recognize and link to attachments and exhibits in the record.
  • Using LinkBuilder will greatly aid the court by creating easy access to documents cited in a brief or pleading.
  • The judge and the law clerk reading a linked brief or pleading will not have to search CM/ECF for the referenced document, but will be able to call it up with the click of a mouse.

A CM/ECF or PACER login may be used. LinkBuilder works with Word 2010 and Word 2013. (It does not work on the Mac version of Word). By using the LinkBuilder "Paste data from CM/ECF report" option in the add-in, users can generate links without PACER fees.

The LinkBuilder tool and instructions may be downloaded at .

For more information on hyperlinking, please visit
Q: I created a PDF from the Word document, but when I click on the link, nothing happens. Why didn't the link get created in PDF?
A. In Word, to create the PDF, use one of these options:
     - the Acrobat tab
     - File, Save as Adobe PDF
     - File, Save as, pick type PDF

Do NOT use File, Print, Print to PDF, because the links will not get created with this method.

Q: How can I test the links to make sure that they are valid?
A: Once the document in converted to PDF, click on a link to test it. Login to PACER with your PACER login when prompted. If the document is valid, it will bring up a box displaying the case and document number. Verify that these are correct. It will also show a cost to view the document, which you may optionally do, but once you have initially verified that the correct case and document number appear, you may opt not to view each document.

If the document link is invalid, it will display "There is no document for this hyperlink. Please notify court staff." This would indicate that the link was not created correctly.
Specific questions regarding hyperlinking in the Federal Courts may be directed to the District of Utah at (801) 524-6105.