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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

During the government shut-down:

  • Criminal and civil cases (and documents within those cases) may still be filed;
  • Most criminal court hearings and trials will proceed as scheduled. You will be notified by the court if your hearing is going to be rescheduled or postponed;
  • Civil hearings and trials involving the United States will be postponed during this period;
  • Barring extraordinary circumstances, civil trials (even those not involving the United States) will likely be postponed because of the unavailability of funds to pay jurors;
  • All non-adjudicative functions in the courthouse (e.g., CLE seminars, naturalization ceremonies, Inns of Court, and other bar meetings) will be canceled.

If you have any questions about a specific case, please feel free to call the chambers of your
assigned judge (link to chambers email addresses). If you have general questions about the
impact of the shutdown on the court, please don’t hesitate to call Mark Jones, Clerk of Court
(801-524-6120;, or Anne Morgan, Chief Deputy Clerk (801-524-


                Despite a partial government shutdown, the United States District Court for the District of Utah will continue to operate during regular business hours to carry out its constitutional responsibilities.  The Judiciary will sustain paid operations through, January 25, 2019. 

                All jurors who report for duty as instructed will be paid the statutory attendance fees and necessary travel reimbursements as usual, however, payment of these fees and reimbursements may be delayed or deferred until after the judiciary receives a full appropriation from Congress.  

               Because the shutdown encompasses many different agencies, some which are in furlough status, this may affect the speed and efficiency that checks will be sent out. Should the delay in payment of your juror attendance fee, mileage, or overnight allowance create an undue hardship or extreme inconvenience, please contact the Jury Office as soon as possible at 801-524-6285,

Thank you for your service,