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Online Computer-Based Training for CM/ECF

ELMs - Electronic Learning Modules

The Electronic Case Filing (ECF) Tutorial is designed for attorneys and law firm staff interested in learning how to use the CM/ECF system. Through guided practice, using simulated CM/ECF screens and actions, you will learn how to file pleadings and other materials using the CM/ECF system.

This is a self-paced tutorial. The entire tutorial should take you one to two hours to complete.

To begin, select one of the links below.

ELM's - The exe files are interactive; you can download, install and then run these. Or, use the PDF versions, which contain the slides and text, but are not interactive. These modules are best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.


Tech Tips - General Topics


Please note other information that will be helpful to you in e-filing: