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Reporting for Jury Duty

Jury duty can commence early in the day in our court, and it is important that you report on time. Bring a magazine, book or other item for occasional delays. Laptops, tablets and cell phones are allowed in the courthouse, however their use may be restricted during jury selection and/or trial. The selection process averages about five hours. If you are not selected for jury duty, you will be permitted to leave after the selection process.

If you are selected, you may be required to remain at the courthouse for the full day.

Please be prepared to do so by making tentative arrangements for car pooling, babysitting, business appointments, child care, and other personal business in advance. You will receive a notice to report with the date and time you are to be at the U.S. Courthouse. You should read the notice and carefully follow the instructions it provides.

Please be advised that the courthouse is a level 4 security building. There may be an ID check for all persons entering the facility. Also, it is against the law to bring any type of weapon on the property. This includes guns, knives and OC\pepper spray. Please leave these items at home.