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Hyperlinks, SSA eCARs  and CM/ECF

Hyperlinks, SSA eCARs  and CM/ECF

Benefits of Electronic Documents

  • Portability – easy to transfer and store
  • Reproduction – easy to replicate
  • Search – find what you need
  • Copy and Paste – use what you need
  • Hyperlinks – link to other resources

Types of Hyperlinks

  • Internal links
  • Table of Contents
  • Footnotes, endnotes, cross references
  • External links
  • Other CM documents
  • Research links

Social Security Administration's eCAR

  • eCar features:
    • Table of Contents
    • Some portions text searchable
    • Bookmarks
  • Image quality dependent upon records submitted: if office visits were handwritten,
    the image will be a picture of those handwritten notes
  • Logically divided file segments are filed with the court
  • Courtesy copy CD with entire file and file segments

Possible Barriers to Links

This page with live links is online at and in PDF at Hyperlinks_SSA_eCARs_CMECF.pdf
The session powerpoint is at
Detailed step by step instructions for filing the eCar in CM/ECF are at
A survey of district filing practices is summarized at


Robin Marquis, Division Director Social Security Administration Office of Appellate Operations; 703-605-7219;
Patrick Herbst, Branch Chief, Division of Civil Actions Office of Appellate Operations, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, Social Security Administration; 703-605-7714;
Administrative Law Judge Kate Wisz; 859-233-2653 ext 3013;
District Judge David Nuffer; 801-524-6150;