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Utah Alternatives to Conviction Track (U-ACT)

Utah Alternatives to Conviction Track (U-ACT)

The District of Utah now offers an innovative, post-guilty plea diversion program.  The District Court, the United States Attorney's Office, the United States Probation Office, and the Federal Public Defender's Office, jointly designed the Utah Alternatives to Conviction Track (U-ACT) Program.  The U-ACT program offers participating defendants a creative blend of treatment, sanction alternatives, judicial involvement, and unique incentives to effectively address offender behavior for the purposes of promoting rehabilitation, reducing recidivism, and promoting the safety of our community.

Participation in U-ACT is voluntary.  During their time in the program, participants will engage in a variety of programs to address underlying causes of their criminal conduct, and are required to attend regularly scheduled U-ACT program meetings that include regular reports on their progress in the program. Depending on the group in which participants are placed, those who successfully complete all requirements of the program receive probationary sentences or have the charges against them dismissed.

The U-ACT program has very limited capacity.  As a practical matter, seats in the program are highly competitive. Defendants wishing to participate must apply for acceptance into the program, and must meet eligibility requirements.

Links below are to documents providing an overview of the program, and a summary chart depicting the program's operation. The Interagency Agreement provides a detailed explanation of the program, including information about who is eligible to participate, how to apply for admission into the program, how the program is run, and what happens upon completion or termination from the program.  All U-ACT participants are required to sign contracts describing the terms and conditions of acceptance into the program.  Copies of the contracts for Track One and Track Two are linked below.

Name Role Email
Greg Petersen Probation Officer
Becky Ablad Odyssey House
Lynn Donaldson Federal Defender
Audrey James Federal Defender
Jennifer Gully Asst U.S. Attorney
Kevin Sundwall Asst U.S. Attorney
David Nuffer Judge
Dustin Pead Judge
Stewart Walz Community Representative
Anndrea Bowers Case Manager
Melissa Saddler Case Manager
Teri Sparrow Case Manager





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