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Magistrate Judge Jared C. Bennett


Practices & Procedures

Proposed Orders

In addition to attaching a copy of the order to the motion, a copy of all proposed orders must be directly emailed to chambers at the following address: Proposed orders emailed to chambers must be editable and in Word format.

For further information, see the ECF Procedures Manual.

Civil Discovery Resources
Rule 34 Done Right 
Rule 26 Initial Disclosures (Damages)
Rule 26 Initial Disclosures (Witnesses)

Civil Trial Resources
Bench Civil Trial Order
Standard Civil Voir Dire
Deposition Designation

Standard Civil Jury Instructions
Final Instruction to Jurors at Discharge
Jury Civil Trial Order

Criminal Trial Resources
Criminal Stock Preliminary Instructions
Criminal Trial Order
Stock Criminal Instructions
Criminal Voir Dire
Criminal Final Instructions to Jurors at Discharge

Updated: 4/21/2023