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Old Information (use at your risk!!)

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 CLE Materials Archive

Liberty Player for Court Audio

Questions and Answers about Magistrate Judges 

Civil Motion Referral and Unreferral

Who Hears the Motion?  This flow chart may reduce confusion about which judge will hear a motion when a district judge refers parts of a case to a magistrate judge.



Liberty Player for Court Audio

The record in proceedings before Judge Nuffer in St. George and before magistrate judges in Utah is recorded on equipment using the Liberty Recorder. If you receive one of these audio files, you must play it using the free Liberty Player available at These audio files may only be used for informal purposes, such as preparation of orders based on bench rulings. For any official purpose, including objections or appeals, you must obtain an official transcript. The fees for audio recordings and official transcripts are set by law.

Continuing Legal Education Materials

Understanding Trauma PPT Handout

Judge Nuffer Sentencing Hints (November 2018)

Certification of Legal Questions to the Utah Supreme Court   Thesis   Powerpoint Slides (October 2018) Duke Law School Web Library

Handling the Federal Civil Case from Start to Finish (May 2018)

The Southern Region (March 2018)

Document Retention and Destruction (November 2014)
Cloud Technology and Lawyers (November 2014)

Avoiding Pitfalls in Written Advocacy (pdf)
Avoiding Pitfalls in Written Advocacy (pptx)

The Future of the Fourth Amendment (ppt)

Making Tablet Friendly e-Filings (pdf)
Making Tablet Friendly e-Filings (pptx)

Effective Legal Writing (pdf)
Suggestions for Accessible Documents (pdf) 
Creating Accessible Documents (5 mb ppt)
Best Practices in PDF Reading and Annotation (pdf)

Using Technology to Convince -- and Not Distract -- a Judge and Jury 
    (handout pdf 88kb)   (ppt 7 mb)

Creating the Best Transcript Possible (2012) (PDF)

The E-Brief Quiz for Printing (2011) (PDF)

A Practical Guide to E-Discovery (2011) (PDF)
    The Evolution of Discoverable Information

Making a Clawback Agreement Effective Against Third Parties (January 2009)

Presentations at St. George Utah Federal Bar Association (September 2008)
     Utah Fifth District Courthouse     The Oddfellows Building      Salt Lake City Courthouse and Court Programs

Working Smart in the CM/ECF World (April 2008)

E-Ethics (April 2008) 

E-Ethics (December 2007) PDF

E-Ethics (June 2007) (PDF)

Lay Participation in Criminal Justice (March 2007 - Kharkiv, Ukraine)

15 Tips in 15 Minutes (November 2006) (PDF - 2 MB)

How E-filers Can Make Chambers Happy (October 2006) (PDF - 1.6 MB)

Practice Hints for Motions to Compel (last updated July 20, 2005)    WordPerfect   PDF

Provisions of Federal and Local District of Utah Rules Regarding Motions to Compel (last updated 2005)  WordPerfect   PDF

An Introduction to CM/ECF (last updated February 2005)(5 MB ppt)

Proposed Rules and New Practice Standards for Electronic Discovery (last updated October 2004)  Word  PDF

Electronic Discovery (last updated March 2004)  Word  PDF


Old Information (use at your own risk!!)

Hyperlinks and E-Research 

Redaction and Metadata

PDF Exhibit Stamps in Adobe Acrobat

Liberty Player for Court Audio

Multiple Monitor / Large Monitor Computer Systems   How to get a large virtual desktop. 

Useful Computer Skills in the CM/ECF Environment Settings and skills  for Windows, Lotus Notes, Acrobat, Westlaw and CM/ECF that are useful with the CM/ECF


Hyperlinks and E-Research  

Learn all about Cross-Document Hyperlinks in CM/ECF that let your court papers refer to other court papers in the CM/ECF docket.  When the judge reads a memorandum reference to a declaration or deposition, a cross-document hyperlink in the memorandum can take the judge to that declaration or deposition.  

The hyperlink, as set by the filer, may link to the start of the document or to a specific page in the document. A filer can file a document that includes a hyperlink to a document that is being filed simultaneously (in the same docketing transaction) with the primary document (e.g., a Memo in Support of Summary Judgment may have hyperlinks to the attached documents that are part of the same docketing transaction).

Include hyperlinks to authorities cited in your memoranda by using WestInsertLinks (link is external) part of West Drafting Assistant (link is external) or Link to Cites (link is external) in Lexis for Microsoft Office (link is external). See a sample document with hyperlinks.  Another sample.  Another sample with a table of contents.  Sample document with Lexis links.   Click on a link in the sample documents to see how hyperlinks make it easy to find cases, statutes and rules.  

The Lexis tool to create research hyperlinks for Microsoft Word or WordPerfect is free.  West Brief Tools is a free download, but usage to create links incurs charges. The person clicking links from a document to view cited authorities incurs Westlaw or Lexis charges.  The court has Westlaw and Lexis access.  An April 2006 survey of judges' chambers indicates both are used, but Westlaw use is predominant.

Social Security Administrative Electronic Records (eCARs) have helpful internal hyperlinks. Learn more...

PDF Exhibit Stamps in Adobe Acrobat

PDF Exhibit Stamps in Adobe Acrobat   This feature allows the application of numbered or lettered exhibit stamps to existing PDF documents.

Redaction and Metadata 


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